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We install the Beam Central Vacuum Systems, which is the #1 Selling vacuum cleaning system in the world. I have been installing this system for 20 years, 15years of which I was working in South Africa on various projects installing in up market residentials, hospitals and dental labs.

For the past 5 years I have been thrilled to install central vacuum systems in New Zealand and bring my knowledge and skills to the homes and families in New Zealand. I do this with passion as the benefits it brings is remarkable see below: https://www.beam.co.nz/health-benefits-discussed/

I am part of the Beam dealership who understands New Zealand homes and the team holds an incredible amount of expertise about all aspects of central  vacuums, homeowners’  requirements, cleaning dynamics and product engineering. Our future is to build on our current values which is to only provide the best solutions to every home we install in. To provide quality services in the Counties area to ensure all clients experiences the best services and best solutions for their homes.

20 Years of Experience Decades of refined skill

Professional Service Checked to the highest standards

Trusted and Highly-Reviewed Valued customer relationships

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20 years experience

We’ve spent 15 years installing in up market residential properties, hospitals and dental labs in South Africa. 5 years installation experience across New Zealand.

Professional Service

We consistently check the work completed to ensure it’s of the highest standards. 


Reputation is important to us, that’s why we work hard to build a trusted relationship with our customers. Check out our reviews to see what they’ve had to say about us.


We pride ourselves on high quality work, a reliable service offering and competitive prices.