Central Vacuum Systems
in Auckland Counties

Installation, servicing and repair specialising in the Beam Central Vacuum Systems, the #1 selling vacuum cleaning system worldwide.

A cleaner, healthier home

Making it easier to get a deeper carpet clean with amazing suction and no battery losing charge. and the quality of your air with a new, easy to use system.

  • Reliable suction and airflow
  • Deep-clean power
  • Clean air circulation
  • Less time emptying
  • Quieter and safer

Servicing, Replacing and Installing Central Vacuum Systems in Auckland Counties.

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Only the very best

We install the Beam Central Vacuum Systems, which is the #1 Selling vacuum cleaning system in the world. I have been installing this system for 20 years, 15years of which I was working in South Africa on various projects installing in up market residentials, hospitals and dental labs.

For the past 5 years I have been thrilled to install central vacuum systems in New Zealand and bring my knowledge and skills to the homes and families in New Zealand. 

I am part of the Beam dealership who understands New Zealand homes and the team holds an incredible amount of expertise about all aspects of central vacuums, homeowners’ requirements, cleaning dynamics and product engineering.

What will a central vacuum system do for you?

The more conventional vacuums recirculate dust particles such as dust mites and pollen. But with the BEAM Central Vacuum system it removes 100% of the contacted dirt.

Installing a central vacuum system not only means you’ll have a cleaner home but it also means you’ll have a healthier home!

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A Beam central vacuum system can reduce allergy symptoms up to 61%